Potash fertilizer

Edison Technologies offers its customers cost-effective and customized solutions for mining (potash and lithium fertilizers). Potash fertilizers are substances used to nourish plants. The main nutrient in them is potassium. The potassium content in fertilizers is determined by the percentage of K2O. Potash fertilizers are divided into three groups:

  • concentrated
  • raw
  • materials mixed

Concentrated Potash Fertilizer

are products of factory processing of potash ores. These include potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium-magnesium concentrate, potassium-magnesium sulfate (potassium-magnesium).

Raw Potash Fertilizer

Ground natural potassium, cainite, sylvinite.

Mixed Potash Fertilizer

are potassium salts, which are obtained by mixing crude potassium salts with concentrated, usually 30% potassium chloride and 40% potassium salts.

Lithium is a light, alkaline and soft metal, silver, with a white tint. It is characterized by the highest melting and boiling points and, therefore, has the lowest density, almost half that of water.

Lithium is a material from which anodes of chemical current sources and various types of solid electrolyte cells based on non-aqueous liquid and solid electrolytes are made. Lithium is used for the production of rocket fuel, high-performance lasers in free-color centers and for the production of various optics.

Lithium alloys with various metals, such as gold or silver, are very effective solders. Similar alloys are also used as promising materials in the aerospace and aviation industries. Also, based on this metal, special ceramics are made, which cures at room temperature.

It is successfully used in military engineering and metallurgy and, as expected, will soon find its application in thermonuclear energy. Glass based on it has incomparable strength. Lithium is used in thermonuclear energy, gas drying, and even in medicine, since its salts have healing properties.