Edison Technologies is your strategic premium class partner. The petroleum industry, also known as the oil industry, includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, and marketing of petroleum products. The largest volume products of the industry are fuel oil and gasoline.
The industry is usually divided into three major components:


The Upstream component is also refereed to as the E&P (exploration and exploration). This involves search for underwater and underground natural gas fields or crude oil fields and the drilling of exploration wells and drilling into established wells to recover oil and gas.

     Downstream refers to the filtering of the raw materials obtained during the upstream phase. This means refining crude oil and purifying natural gas.

The largest volumes of products of the oil and gas industry are fuel oil and gasoline. Petroleum is the primary material for a multitude of chemical products. Oil and Gas industry is still extraordinarily successful and still experiences massive growth. Petroleum is vital to many industries, and is of importance to the maintenance of industrial civilization in its current configuration, and thus is a critical concern for many nations. Oil accounts for a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption, ranging from a low of 32% for Europe and Asia, to a high of 53% for the Middle East.

Our company can meet the needs of customers, due to creative, safe and competitive solutions. Edison Technologies as a responsible operator, proud to be a partner of choice and to maintain the highest safety and environmental standards. The Oil & Gas industry has been going through a period of considerable change.

The oil and gas extraction industry can be classified into four major processes:


 involves the search for rock formations associated with oil or natural gas deposits.

Well development

occurs after exploration has located an economically recoverable field, and involves the construction of wells.


is the process of extracting the hydrocarbons and separating the mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, gas, water, solids, and selling the liquid hydrocarbons and gas.

Site abandonment

involves plugging the well(s) and restoring the site, when a production well is no longer economically viable.


Edison Technologieshas a large portfolio of technologies for converting various types of raw materials, such as, crude oil and natural gas. We develop individual solutions for production plants taking into consideration the purpose of your project. Edison Technologies can smoothly integrate the necessary elements into production plant solutions.


At Edison Technologies, we offer customized solutions for the production of clean fuels based on new hydrogen and sulfur removal technologies. Our profile also includes solutions such as “gas to liquid – GTL” for the production of motor fuel. Due to our solutions and approach, we always help our customers.


Gasoline production from methanol (MTG) provides a selective conversion of methanol to commercial gasoline. Such gasoline is practically free of sulfur, differing in the low content of benzene. The main advantages of MTG gasoline:

  • Low level of technical risk
  • Low level of risk in project implementation
  • Project simplicity
  • Acknowledged scaling option