Edison Technologies (Germany) was founded back in the year 2004.

     First the company was starting with core competences in the development for wireless data- and audio transmission systems for the telecom industry. During the following years the company was developing to a competent consultant partner for telecom applications. Following an acquisition and the growing competence network Edison Technologies was able to open up new horizons. Now Edison Technologies was able to extend the consultancy support to the areas of infrastructure, industry and environmental projects.

     Our competences are in the project management and the technical guidance for industrial and institutional customers. Our target is to develop new markets, help to build infrastructure und coordinate international projects in Europe and the Middle East.

     We have an efficient team of highly educated employees which can be extended with experts from the steady growing competence network. Edison Technologies and its partner companies are offering extensive support during all different phases of a project from planning to the execution up to the operation phase. We are your partner up to the start of operation and beyond. Due to our technical orientation and background we are in steady exchange with research institutions to develop new technologies and help these new ideas to become reality. There are promising project ideas like the production of polycrystalline wafer for the solar industry, nano coating for building materials e.g. glass for the construction and automotive industry.