You can assist Edison Technologies and its partners in the design of multicrystalline ingot production facilities. Multi-crystalline ingots plant production require a large amount of energy.

For this reason, the construction of such facilities is appropriate for the countries that have their own oil or gas fields and, therefore, a sufficient amount of energy. Due to availability of high end technologies, our company can design highly efficient and economical plants.

Edison Technologies consultancy plan includes a detailed analysis of the existing infrastructure, which allows the plants to be adapted to the relevant environment and target markets, thus best meet our customer requirements, for example in the field of solar energy.

    Edison Technologies offers the following services:

      • Market analysis and feasibility study
      • Design management and construction for new installations and reconstruction of old ones
      • Environmental management, health and safety, sustainable development analysis
      • Environmental impact assessment / administrative procedure for approval and approval of major construction projects
      • Issuance of licenses
      • Commissioning, achievement and optimization of operational readiness
      • Support in the derivation of manufactured products on the world market
      • Introduction and evaluation of quality marks
      • Transfer of high end technologies